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Brief description of problem

The gastrointestinal (or GI) system is the digestive system. Specifically, it's the stomach (the "gastro" part of that term) and the intestines. It's a rugged enough system in its own way, and works constantly to provide your body with nutrients as well as immune support and important hormones. But when something goes wrong, it can become inflamed, very painful and even affect hormone levels leaving you with depression or increased anxiety. Problems arising include excess acidity, acid reflux, ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome.


Our current knowledge tells us there is no single cause between the two. Pain experienced in the back can be triggered by a condition (painful or not) in the digestive system. The reverse can happen: problems originating in the back can create painful GI inflammation. The third alternative is that some common ailment elsewhere in the body can cause both digestive and back pains. GI inflammation. This relationship makes more sense when we understand that the nerve supply for our GI can be traced back to specific levels of our spine. When you affect the spine, you affect the function of your organs causing inflammation and discomfort.

Type of treatment

The cause of GI inflammation can be found to originate in the spine. The right adjustment to your spine can relieve pressure on your nervous system and significantly improve your digestive system's ability to do its job and deliver nutrients to your body. The success rate is high when it comes to using chiropractic techniques for certain types of GI inflammation.


GI pain caused by gastrointestinal inflammation, like any pain, can interfere with your ability to function. Good digestion is essential to good health. Binder Family Chiropractic can guide you towards proper nutrition, decreased inflammation and better digestion which leads you to improved overall health and wellness.

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