Chiropractic Testimonials

"Binder Chiropractic was able to see me right away and started treatments; I'm almost back to being able to move around like I did before the pain started; I've also noticed fewer headaches now that I've started treatments on my neck as well. I would definitely recommend my family to be seen by Dr. Kellen Binder. Everyone at Binder provided excellent service!"

- R.L.R.

"Binder Family Chiropractic helped me feel well again! I have been to several other chiropractic care facilities in the past and Binder is by far the best!"

- J.S.

"Since I have started treatment I haven't had one headache, which allows me to do anything I want during the day without pain. I would definitely recommend them!"

- E.A.

"I had suffered from chronic migraines and after coming to Binder Family Chiropractic my migraine frequency has diminished to about 1-2 migraines a month. Huge drop! I constantly recommend Binder, especially to my coworkers!"

- A.P.

"I was able to return to my busy, active life, plantar fasciitis went away, knee pain lessened. Why go through life with pain, when Dr. Binder can help relieve the pain."

- J.M.Z.

"Binder Family Chiropractic has many positive changes, with it being easier to live daily life all aspects brighten. You guys are great! Your staff rocks and you're genuine care really helps with the overall process."

- K.D.

"I feel "overall" better. Your weekly adjustments in conjunction with monthly massages have kept me in the "game" so to speak as I'm 100% healthy and very active under Dr. Binder's care. I have recommended Dr. Binder when my Facebook friends have asked if I know a good Dr. in the area. Dr. Binder was huge in getting me back up and running."

- A.R.

"I feel wonderful. No more pain or headaches. Dr. Binder and his staff are wonderful. It's like family."

- J.L.E.

"It's a great feeling to wake up and have no pain. That's a big plus for me. I might not be able to do all the things that I want for now but I'll get there soon with the help of Binder Family Chiropractic. Great service, everyone is super friendly and are always willing to help and find better ways to make you reach your goals."

- M.O.

"I haven't taken any pain medicine for 3 weeks. I can sleep at night. I can do the stairs at work. I can walk my dogs around the neighborhood. I was taking so many pain meds that it affected my life. I was coming to a realization that if I couldn't resolve the pain I was going to have to sell my business. Which is now resolved with the help of Dr. Binder."

- S.N.

"Most noticeable improvement is that I can bowl again and beat my husband! I plan on continuing my treatment and enjoying a pain-free life!"

- P.N.J.

"I couldn't work as well as I wanted / could because I was in so much pain. I was also sore more nights than not. Great place to come."

- F.M.B.D.

"Basically a 100% turn around and I have recommended it to a lot of friends! Thank you for drastically improving all of our lives!"

- J.N.

"After the first few days of treatments, she actually began sleeping through the night at 7 weeks old. She's almost much more agreeable. I didn't really notice from lack of sleep. She'd been showing signs of colic and now she's done a complete 180 change. Coming to Dr. A and Dr. K isn't like coming to any other chiropractor. They treat you like family. Showing love and concern for every part of your life."

- M.L.T.

"My neck is so much better when I have regular chiropractic care. My life is so much more enjoyable and allows me to do all the things I enjoy. Dr. Binder is amazing. I really appreciate his care and advice. They are very passionate about the quality of care they give. Great people!"

- J.P.

"I'm more active, less tired, I can work longer hours. I'm happier and more relaxed. My life has changed in such good ways. I feel so much better in everything I do."

- H.V.

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