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Hip pain often accompanies the aging process, but aging is not the cause. The cause can be a multitude of things, but most commonly hip pain arises from pelvic un-leveling, low back misalignment, and poor posture or improper gait. All of which, chiropractic has been known to improve.

Can chiropractic help with hip pain? If you feel pain in one or both hips when twisting them; when crossing your legs; when your pain prevents a good night's sleep; when you're stiff and find it hard to move your legs on getting up in the morning, or out of the car after a drive-it's very likely that you have imbalances and alignment problems in the lower part of your body. These problems, if not cared for, can bring about degenerative hip joint disease.

Hip pain won't disappear on its own. Like all pain, it's a warning sign that something needs correction. With appropriate chiropractic care, rehabilitative exercises that stretch and strengthen the muscles of your core and proper exercise you can start to change the root cause of your hip pain.

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