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Ahhhhhhhh! Stress is inevitable. How we adapt to stress is what is most important. We are either moving away from chronic illness or towards chronic illness. Each time we adapt and process a stressor in our life determines the effect that stress has on our overall health. Stressors can be chemical, emotional or physical. Having too many toxins or bad stressors in your life causes a direct effect on your gene expression. And no I am not talking about the jeans you wear. When we are born we all have a complete genome, based on popular belief, it’s regularly accepted that those genes will never change over the course of our life. However that is a common misconception. Toxic overload from increased chemical, emotional or physical stress on our bodies can and will affect our gene expression. For example; chronic stress can lead to fatigue, adrenal stress, thyroid dysfunction and infertility. Do you think you were born with the inability to conceive? Or did the constant emotional, chemical and physical stress you put yourself through EVERY day cause your body to change its priority from carrying a baby to maintaining optimal thyroid and kidney function to cope with stress?


Your body’s ability to adapt to stress is directly related to the function of your nervous system. The nervous system is the communication system between your brain and every cell, organ and tissue in your body. When your nervous system is under duress due to stress its not able to function at its full potential and that communication between your brain and body starts to break down.


Chiropractic care removes the interference in your nervous system by aligning your spinal column, which surrounds and protects your nervous system. Once mis-alignments are detected and corrected, your nervous system is free to re-gain optimal function and the communication between your brain and body becomes uninhibited. To put it in a modern analogy, “Chiropractic care helps restore nervous system function like boosting your cell phones reception from 1 bar to 4g!"

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